Friday, May 21, 2010

Preparation for MRCP UK

MRCP 1 preparation books

1) Philip Kalra :
Essential Lists for MRCP: This is the only book that we recommend, in addition to standard texts & our forum discussions.To purchase the book see below
" This is a surprisingly good book for the MRCP I exams. It distills the most relevant facts in an easy to read format. If you are preparing for the MRCP I and you have little time (as most of us), you definitely need this book.
My suggestions for those preparing for the Part I:
1. Begin with the Color Atlas and Text of Clinical Medicine by Charles Forbes, et al. This book will gently introduce you to the whole of clinical medicine without taxing your brains.
2. Continue with the Essential Revision Notes for MRCP. Read it at least 2 or 3 times. It is only 660 pages, and shouldn't take that much time to read.
3. Begin practice questions, and ensure you practice MANY questions, checking up difficult cases from the reference books (e.g. Oxfords or Harisson's). A good source of questions is the
4. Round up your revision with the Essential Revision Notes, and
5. Confidently sit for the exams. Your chances of passing are well above 90%."
Other books you may purchase:

Standard Medicine Text books (Internal Medicine)
2) Harrisons internal medicine
3 ) Kumar & Clark
4 ) Davidsons

1) Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment :
The concise and time saving alternative for the Bible of Internal medicine (harrisions). If one reads a particular topic from this book, he /she would get a fair idea of the topic in a lesser amount of time spent. This book has fast emerged as an alternative for Harrisons / Davidsons for final year medical students.

Symptomatology is not covered very well in this book, pathology and microbiology components are kept to a minumum. Lack of diagrams / illustrations make remembering a bit difficult. If one gets the hang of the book then it is easy.

Advantages :
Updated yearly unlike all other commom medicine books, extensive index (unlike Davidsons).The text font size is larger than Harrisions. Specially recommended in this book : Endocrinology(superb) , Blood (short and sweet), HIV, latest therapy guidelines.
Recommendation: Use this book in conjunction with Davidsons for easy remembering.

2)Harrisons Principles of Internal Medicine (2 Volumes):
This book is commonly referred to as the bible of medical education. Reading this book demands time, energy and devotion; one who is able to do so, succeeds.
The new 16th Edition of this book is coloured, with many new coloured illustrations.
Reading this text is time consuming, trying to read without revision or in less time may be counter productive. Key diagrams / illustrations are provided to make this book complete, but they do not compare to easy understanding and memorization of Davidsons diagrams / Tables / Illustrations.
Complete book, additional material not required. (But remember that the most complete book of Medicine is Oxfords Text Book of Medicine - 3 Volumes) Recommended in this book : GIT , CVS (extensive), Infectious Diseases (though long), Symptomatology (1st 600 pages or so)

3) Kumar & Clark Medicine Book:
Good book, recommended by most MRCP candidates, many illustrations and UK centeric descriptions.

4) Davidsons Principles of Internal Medicine:
Plently of diagrams , tables, colours, and boxes make memorising or understanding this book a cake walk.The new edition is multicoulored.
Only basic information is covered, many details would not be found in this book. Index is not extensive and some questions would not be solved by this book.
One can understand and remember medical basics in no time using this book.Recommended in this text CVS

Finally you need Philip kalra revise for 5/6 time to pass the MRCPUK part1. It is nice book.

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